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Pair 2 NS - Susan Anstey / Kym Bates
Place: 1, Percentage: 55%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints%   
Board 13: PAT DARWELL / JIM LAUNDY2S W2D10-170562%  
Board 23: PAT DARWELL / JIM LAUNDY3S S4D8-100338%  
Board 33: PAT DARWELL / JIM LAUNDY2S EAD71008100%  
Board 42: Judy Fredriksen / Robert Findlay4S W7D9100675%  
Board 52: Judy Fredriksen / Robert Findlay2S W6C6100675%  
Board 62: Judy Fredriksen / Robert Findlay3NT N5C10430675%  
Board 71: KERRY DONOHUE / MARY DONOHUE2S N9H11200562%  
Board 81: KERRY DONOHUE / MARY DONOHUE3NT S5S104308100%  
Board 91: KERRY DONOHUE / MARY DONOHUE3H E9D8100338%  
Board 105: HELEN JOHNSEN / TOM JOHNSEN3NT W6D13-72000%  
Board 115: HELEN JOHNSEN / TOM JOHNSEN3C SKS8-50562%  
Board 125: HELEN JOHNSEN / TOM JOHNSEN2D E9S11-150225%  
Board 134: Roley Sykes / KERRI SUGARS2S W8H9-14000%  
Board 144: Roley Sykes / KERRI SUGARS2S NTH10170788%  
Board 154: Roley Sykes / KERRI SUGARS4S E2H12-480225%  

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