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General Practice / Supervised Play

This continues each Wednesday from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Please contact Alan on 0400 016 502 or [email protected] for any details on the Supervised sessions.

Bridge Classes for those new to Bridge

The Maleny Contract Bridge Club runs lessons for beginners periodically. No classes are currently scheduled. If you may be interested in attending future classes, please contact us using the form on the Contact page or email us at and we will let you know when our next classes commence.

Videos about Various Aspects of Bridge

Bidding Introduction The Stayman Convention
Defence Signals Videos 1-5.
Defence Introduction Videos 1-4.
Declarer Play: No trump Contracts.
Declarer Play: Suit Contracts Videos.
Declarer Play: The Finesse Videos 1-4.

Intermediate Bridge Classes on Competitive Bidding 08/09/2019 to 14/10/2019

Click here for the videos of this course.

Intermediate Bridge Classes on Declarer Play 29/04/2019 to 3/06/2019

Click here for the videos of this course.