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Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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Pair Numbers/Names  Score Matchpoints
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 Jenny Rosenfeld / Denise Whittaker1 Elizabeth Smith / Ken Smith4S N7H9 50 414
3 Ingrid De Meillon / Angela Williams4 Kerry Donohue / Jacki Hogan3NT S2C7 100 018
4 Paul Gilmour-Walsh / Helen Gilmour-Walsh6 Herschel Baker / Natasha Waters2S NJH9140  108
5 Paul Kemp / Stuart Craig8 Peter Thomson / Ann Quarmby3S NJH11200  162
6 Peter Perry / Jean Coffey10 Len Baker / Bill Sibbel3NTX S2S9550  180
7 Jean-Louis Girard / Lyn Bourke12 Laila Andersson / John Marsden3S N7H10170  144
9 Julia Strother / June Sharrock5 Carol Kemp / Les Bennett2S N7H9140  108
10 Byron Moss / Barbara Jones7 Jan Pengilley / Jim Brock2S NJH9140  108
11 Barry Blaney / Noreen McErlain9 Andy Schouteten / Mia Schouteten3H SAC8 50 414
12 Carlos Da Cunha / Judith Da Cunha11 George Thomas / Bill McRuvie4S N7H9 50 414

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3NTX by NS=5501
3S by NS+22001
3S by NS+11701
2S by NS+11403
3H by NS-1-501
4S by NS-1-502
3NT by NS-2-1001

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