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Pair 3 EW - Don McCabe / Clare McCabe
Place: 2, Percentage: 58.75%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints% 
Board 12: Julia Strother / Margaret Lewis  adjadj 
Board 22: Julia Strother / Margaret Lewis  adjadj 
Board 32: Julia Strother / Margaret Lewis  adjadj 
Board 45: Dena Orr / James Seagroatt2S S9D8-1107.898% 
Board 55: Dena Orr / James Seagroatt2NT E4D91507.898% 
Board 65: Dena Orr / James Seagroatt2H NAC51502.835% 
Board 73: Val France / Mary McIver3H S6D10-170225% 
Board 83: Val France / Mary McIver3C N7D10-130562% 
Board 93: Val France / Mary McIver5C NAH10508100%
Board 131: Barbara Williams / Joe Colreavy2H NAD9-1402.835% 
Board 141: Barbara Williams / Joe Colreavy1NT EKC81207.898% 
Board 151: Barbara Williams / Joe Colreavy3H NTS10-1707.898% 
Board 164: Jean Coffey / Jan Craig3S SKC9-1400.22% 
Board 174: Jean Coffey / Jan Craig3NT N3D12-4900.22% 
Board 184: Jean Coffey / Jan Craig3D E3C101306.581% 

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