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Pair 4 NS - June Sharrock / Julia Strother
Place: 4, Percentage: 49.13%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints% 
Board 12: Sandra Kruck / Pawel (Pav) Jarecki4H SAD114506100%
Board 22: Sandra Kruck / Pawel (Pav) Jarecki4D N4S111506100%
Board 32: Sandra Kruck / Pawel (Pav) Jarecki3NT S7H9400350% 
Board 41: DON MCCABE / CLARE MCCABE5C SAH126208100%
Board 51: DON MCCABE / CLARE MCCABE3S S8C7-200450% 
Board 61: DON MCCABE / CLARE MCCABE4S N6C9-5000% 
Board 134: Sue Hall / Bob Hall3C WAH9-11000% 
Board 144: Sue Hall / Bob Hall2S N6H7-5000% 
Board 154: Sue Hall / Bob Hall3C E3S10-13000% 
Board 163: Robert Fox / Petrina Fox2NT W7H71004100%
Board 173: Robert Fox / Petrina Fox5C WAS11-40000% 
Board 183: Robert Fox / Petrina Fox2C S4H9110375% 

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